Kevin Thomas Hulten
S-E Sports Editor

It was just another Monday in downtown Colville. Unremarkable in every way. Workers clocked out and strolled to their cars. Shop owners flipped signs from open to close.

Just south of Colville, an out-of-control Toyota Camry raced north at triple-digit speeds, trailed closely by a posse of police cars, sirens blaring, lights flashing.

At the edge of town, a state patrolman stretched a spike-strip across US-395 as the approaching sirens bleated urgently.

At Orin Rice Road, the Camry barreled through the spike strip, shredding its rear left tire. The pursuit reached its 30th mile.

Back on Main Street, as the town buzzed with end-of-the-day commotion, a red Toyota Camry appeared on the southern horizon of town, racing unsteadily northward -- tires shredded, steel rims grating on asphalt -- careening dangerously towards downtown Colville, followed closely by a battalion-strength assortment of state and local law enforcement, lights flashing, sirens blaring.

It was clear that the Camry's driver did not intend to stop, shredded tires be damned.

As the pursuit reached the 400 block of Main Street, a Washington State Patrol trooper jockeyed his pursuit vehicle closer to the wounded Camry.

With the crosswalks and foot traffic of historic downtown less than a block away, the trooper made his move, closing distance and making contact with the rear quarter panel of the Camry, accelerating smoothly through the maneuver.

The strategic impact forced the wounded vehicle into a tight jackknife spin, halting its momentum in the dead center of Main Street and bringing the chase to a decisive conclusion in full view of downtown Colville.

Pursuit vehicles hemmed in from all angles and law enforcement jumped out with weapons drawn, pulling the suspect from the car and dog-piling him to the ground as he shouted unintelligibly.

Now that's a Monday this town won't soon forget.

Moments after the initial arrest, the suspect was retrieved from the patrol vehicle, marched back to the center of Main Street and placed against his vehicle as police searched it.

According to Trooper Jeff Sevigney of the Washington State Patrol, the pursuit began near Jump-Off Joe, over 30 miles south of Colville, after the suspect struck several vehicles and sped away from the scene.

A Washington State Patrolman engaged the vehicle near Arden, and when the driver refused to pull over, a pursuit ensued involving at least four separate law enforcement agencies, at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour.

The suspect is charged with DUI, felony hit and run, driving without a valid license and resisting arrest.

Contrary to information posted by other outlets, the suspect did not brandish or discharge a weapon.