Hospital sets up drive-thru screening site

Staff Writer


Providence Mount Carmel Hospital is providing a drive-thru screening site for people experiencing symptoms which present like COVID-19 (fever AND cough or shortness of breath), particularly those with underlying medical conditions and those over age 60.
The screening site, located at 982 E. Columbia Ave. of the hospital’s parking lot acts in conjunction with , is available 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week until further notice, based on resources. The site acts with a phone hotline screening system. The drive-thru location is not a self-referral, guaranteed testing site.
Community members will need to take these steps before utilizing the screening site:
• Please call the screening hotline at 509-685-2011.
• A health care provider will assess if you are a candidate for the drive-thru screening.
• If a candidate, please travel to the screening site and remain in the vehicle. Health care providers will only screen two people per vehicle with proper referrals from the hotline.
Health care professionals will screen for signs and symptoms of possible COVID-19 exposure and, if warranted, provide testing for the virus.
The Stevens County region, along with the rest of the country, is experiencing a limited number of testing supplies. Only those meeting testing criteria will be given a test. First responders and health care workers who have cared for someone who may have the virus are a priority for screening as well. While there is no cost for the initial screening, patients who are deemed necessary to test may be billed to their insurance.
If you are concerned that you may have the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), before asking to be screened for testing, ask yourself these questions:
• Within the past two weeks, have you traveled to a high-risk country (China, South Korea, Italy, Iran) or been in close contact with someone else who has traveled to a high-risk county?
• Have you been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 within the last two weeks?
• Are you at a higher risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms due to underlying health conditions or because you are over the age of 60?
• Are you a healthcare provider or first responder who helped care for a person who was confirmed positive for COVID-19 within the last two weeks?
• Do you have symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 such as a high fever – AND - cough, or shortness of breath – AND – answered yes to one of the above questions?
For more information on how you can protect yourself from COVID-19 infection, a coronavirus assessment tool, and what to do if you feel sick, visit