HOUSE CALL By Julie Crist

Digestive Diseases SpikeHow are your guts?Since 1996, inflammatory bowel diseases are up 40 percent. This can include Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Spastic Colon, Coli­tis, chronic constipation and indigestion, gas, bloating, leaky gut, “touchy stomach”, or almost any sort of digestive problem you can imagine.I see lots of people with digestive problems in my office. In fact, I would say almost no one comes in and says, “My digestion is fantastic! I have daily bowel movements, no gas or bloating, and never any indigestion, nausea, or heartburn.” The problem with gut diseases is that they always lead to something else. Leaky gut will lead to food allergies, and any of them can become an autoimmune disease. Gut problems and allergies often happen together, for example. It’s common knowledge among natural health doctors that a sick, dirty gut can cause any disease up to and including cancer.So what happened in 1996? Genetically modified foods were added to our food supply.GMOs are often designed with a pesticide engineered into the DNA of the plant. This sort of system works by killing the bugs when they eat it. It poisons them. “Sounds good,” you might think. “No farmer wants bugs eating his crop up.” That’s true, but the problem is how the plants poison the bugs.It pokes holes in their digestive systems.So now, reports are starting to roll in from doctors around the country who have discovered that genetically modified food is making people very sick, and that taking them OFF of all GMO garbage is the cure.Dr. Emily Linder, M.D., has “cured” gut diseases that other doctors proclaimed were a life sentence, just by taking patients off of GMOs. Her patients have seen their gut diseases, allergies, joint pain, thinning hair, skin problems, fatigue, migraines, asthma, anxiety, depression, restless legs, and neurological problems vanish with their diet change. Weight falls off. Foggy thinking clears up. Years seem to melt away.“I tell my patients to avoid genetically modified foods because in my experience, with those foods there is more allergies and asthma,” plus gut issues. “And what emanates from that, is eve­rything – lots of arthritis problems, autoimmune diseases, anxi­ety, anything that comes from an inspired immune system re­sponse.”I tell my patients the same thing, and I’m telling you now that we are just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg. GMOs are causing a national health catastrophe that, I predict, will cause unimaginable misery and disease “of a mysterious origin.” Mon­santo has shipped corn with birth control engineered into it to Mexico and South America. Inspectors caught the contami­nated shipments. Who is inspecting your corn for you. Not the FDA. They gave GMOs blanket approval. Corporate food terrorists can feed you anything they want in this country, while Europe has banned GMOs from their table. Rats in GMO studies age faster, become infertile, have higher infant mortality and miscarriages. When independent scientists examine raw data from corporate food research, they are finding that GMO food producers are lying about the results of their studies. Farmers are seeing their livestock – in some cases, thousands of them – recover from chronic diarrhea, early death, infertility and miscarriage, and dozens of other problems when they stop feeding GMO grains.What foods, exactly, are causing these problems? Nearly all soy, corn, cotton, canola, alfalfa, and sugar beets are modified now. You might be thinking, “Well, I only eat corn sometimes in the summer, I hate beets, and who eats soybeans?”These crops are all turned into food additives that are in ALL the processed food you buy at the store unless it is certified or­ganic. Genetically modified food cannot be labeled organic - yet.You might not eat much cotton, but if you eat like most peo­ple, I guarantee you’ve eaten some GMO cottonseed oil this week. It’s a cheap, industrial “food” oil that is often listed as “vegetable oil” and found in everything from salad dressing to tortillas. GMO corn syrup is in almost all soda pop, cereal, and sweet processed food you buy. It’s the cheapest trash “sweetener” that food facto­ries can legally sell you. The average American eats gallons of it a year. It is a GMO concentrate. Whatever is not sweetened with corn syrup will feature beet sugar. Unless your cookies say “or­ganic” or cane sugar on the label, they are sweet­ened with GMO beet sugar. Stores and producers are not required to label GMOs, so you are on your own. Besides the usual industrial food crops, fresh produce is increasingly modified now, too. This year your sweet corn may likely be GMO. Zucchini, papaya, and yellow squash are now being engineered.So how do you eat GMO-free? I know you will whine about this, so I will tell you up front – it’s hard. You won’t be going out to restaurants or buying packages of nutrient-free corporate trash any more. The only way you know you are getting GMO-free food is to eat organic, fresh food. Local food is cleaner than factory food, even if it is labeled “organic”. The easiest way to make that transition is to find a few key foods that you like, and that are clean and healthy. We use lots of almond milk, which we make ourselves from organic almonds. My husband makes tortillas from the leftover almond meal, and I make almond milk yogurt. We use the milk for smoothies, soup bases, snacks, or mix with organic protein powder for instant “meals.” We also eat lots of salad and soups. We buy some snacks, but they are organic.This is a huge transition that requires a change of habits and food packaging vigilance. We have refined and adjusted our diet over 20 years, so don’t expect it to happen overnight, but the faster you do it, the faster the results.I also usually advise patients with gut diseases to cut out wheat for a week to see how they feel. I know that this alone is a tall order, but if you are trapped in your house anyway because you can’t stray more than 50 feet from a toilet, what do you have to lose?Would you pick spaghetti up off the floor and a busy restau­rant and eat it? Putting filthy GMO food in your mouth and feeding it to your family is even worse. Dirty floor spaghetti might give you a little upset stomach, but GMO toxins will contaminate your DNA and kill your guts. Be a smart rat. Don’t take the bait.Julie Crist, L. Ac., is a licensed acupuncurist. Her office is lo­cated in the Town Center Building in downtown Colville.