Human remains to be DNA tested with missing Newport man

RaeLynn Ricarte

Pend Oreille County Sheriff Glenn Blakeslee confirmed Monday that deputies have collected a DNA sample from the son of a missing Newport man to see if recently found remains are his.
“There are people speculating, but we don’t have anything confirmed yet,” he said. “We are just gathering additional information for the medical examiner’s office.”
On Nov. 12, a forester preparing a plot of timber on private ground for harvest found scattered human bones.
The discovery occurred near milepost 6 on Boundary Road outside Metaline Falls.
Blakeslee said the remains had been there for several years, so it was impossible to tell whether they belonged to a male or female.
He said there are two missing men from the area and their families have been contacted for DNA samples to see if there is a match.
The county already has two other sets of remains that have never been identified and Blakeslee said he would like to see the latest case resolved in addition to the cold cases.
“We have just held onto those remains because changes in technology might make it possible to identify them one day,” he said.
The bones found this month are in the King County Medical Examiner’s Office where they are being DNA tested. An analysis of dental records is also being done in hopes of identifying the remains.
The family of Marty Lang is awaiting the results of those tests. He went missing in July of 2017 and his son, Thomas, told media outlets last weekend that waiting to learn what happened to his father “has been torture.”
He said detectives asked when gathering DNA if Marty had any surgeries requiring screws, which he had.
Lang vanished after wrapping up a shift at work and running some errands. His car was found parked outside his home, but his water bottle and lunch box were set down right outside the driver’s side door.
Family members believe whatever happened to Marty happened suddenly.