Hunter's stray bullet changes veteran's life

KATIE LEITHEAD | Statesman-Examiner
S-E Staff Reporter

December 6 started out as a normal day for John Horton when at 9:30 a.m. everything changed.

Horton was sitting at his dining room table, working on his laptop and talking on the phone, when suddenly a sharp pain in his abdomen halted everything.

“I kept looking around, I thought someone had snuck in through my door and shot me,” Horton said.

He went to a mirror and saw the blood seeping from his side. On close inspection of the wound he saw it was crescent shaped hole. Because of the shape he began to suspect a paint-can blew up and that the lid had somehow cut him.

“I was confused, I couldn't figure it out,” Horton said.

It wasn't until he seated himself back at the table that he noticed the bullet hole in the bottom corner of one of his many windows. Later he would notice that his vacuum cleaner, which sat by the window, had been grazed by the bullet and most likely helped to slow it down.

Approximately eight minutes after being shot Horton called 911.

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