The Keller House crafted from gingerbread

KATIE LEITHEAD | Statesman-Examiner
S-E Staff Reporter

An edible Keller House replica was one ambitious baker's gift to the community.

The realistic gingerbread house was one of several submissions in the Stevens County Historical Society's “An Evergreen Christmas” gingerbread house contest. Houses had to be contained inside a 20 x 20 board and be constructed entirely from edible components.

The baker, Norie Triplett, said she saw an ad in the newspaper calling for contest participants. She decided she wanted to honor the community by researching the Keller House and trying to recreate it.

The project began Jan. 1 and wasn't completed until two weeks before entries were due.

The full story is available onlinehere or by picking up the Dec. 6, 2017 edition of the S-E.