Kettle Falls City Council settles argument over Happy Dell Park

Katie Leithead | Statesman-Examiner
Katie Leithead
S-E Staff Reporter

A new ordinance was passed by the Kettle Falls City Council last Tuesday that should put an end to all of the controversy surrounding Happy Dell Park.

Concerns over the use of the park began when Tri-County Music moved the Newport Music Festival to Kettle Falls in 2016. They set up in Happy Dell Park, located at 300-391 Juniper St., where a stage had previously been built for performances.

The Kettle Falls Camp and Jam was an event created from the love of music and the desire to bring some economic progress Kettle Falls’ way. The “camp” portion of the event had RVs parked in the middle of the park, which sparked concern from some citizens. Concerns included the health of the grass, the health of the trees because of possible soil compaction and whether or not charging for tickets to a gated event was against the true purpose of the park.

For over a year a back and forth argument of how to address the park and similar events was had.

On April 3 the city council voted on and passed a new ordinance to address Happy Dell Park. The vote was split 3-2, with Mayor John Ridlington supporting the end result.

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