Kettle Falls Community Athletics gets underway

Soccer programis first upThe Kettle Falls community has started its own fledgling youth recreation program. Privately underwritten Kettle Falls Community Athletics will get started with a youth soccer program, according to KFCA President, Chance Morris.Morris said that the non-profit KFCA has upwards of 80 youngsters signed up for its first program—youth soccer. The organization president says he appreciates what the Colville community has been able to accomplish over the years with its city of Colville run Colville Recreation Department. In fact, that department, headed by Jake Wilson, has been “a huge help” in getting the program in Kettle Falls off the ground.“Colville has a great program,” Morris acknowledged. “But we want something kids in Kettle Falls can be proud of—right here.”KFCA vice-president is Ben Freer. Joanie Haynes serves as secretary and Todd Stulken is the public relations representative.Morris said talk about starting a youth sports organization in Kettle Falls got its impetus following the T-Ball season last spring.“We talked about getting our own soccer association started,” added the father of two. “It has kind of taken off. Hopefully, we can get a T-ball program going here and maybe kids’ basketball.”Morris said the support from the Kettle Falls School District has been very good. The youth soccer program is utilizing Kettle Falls School District play fields.The soccer program, broken up into two divisions (brackets) is designed for youngsters ages 3-12. Ages 3-5 play in the younger bracket and 6-12 play in the older bracket.Nine teams have been signed up so far. There is room for more. Late registration is $30.Practice sessions will be held from August 6-18. The league will run for one month—August 19 to Sept. 19. To sign up, or for more information, call Morris at 680-3651. A “Meet and Greet” night to introduce the community to the program was held on Monday night.