Kettle Falls community improvement project kicks off

Jackie Burns
Managing Editor

Columbia River Bible Church will kick off a community improvement project in Kettle Falls in conjunction with Christ's Church of Federal Way: the church will send a youth group of approximately 25 youths and their leaders to coordinate with the local church and youth center in an effort to clean up the city. Kent Hackl of Christ's Church is coordinating logistics and supplies.
Dennis Roberts of the Kettle Falls Youth Center partially outlined the plan: Refurbish the pool shower, paint the Early Learning Center, refurbish the log cabin at the Meyers Falls generating station and paint City Hall, among other projects.
The coalition has already discussed the program with City Hall, Mayor John Ridlington, the Kettle Falls School Board, and others. The group plans to divide the city into quadrants and go door to door, offering assistance and materials to individual homeowners.
“Our goal is to get started, get the local church and pastor on board, and then get the local churches to maintain the improvements,” Hackl said.
According to Hackl, the group values boosting the local economy: buying local, staying locally, and offering something of value to the community.
“We're a big church and we have the resources to help others. Rather than an overseas missionary program, we believe in helping struggling communities,” Hackl said.
The campaign will start on July 29 with a barbecue at Happy Dell Park starting at 6 p.m.; each evening will feature an evening meal through Wednesday and offer inflatables, games, live music and free food. August 1 will feature a pig roasted by Backyard BBQ, again free. There will be a Kids Camp at Happy Dell Park July 30 through August 2 from 4-6 p.m. for ages 5-9. Kettle Falls Middle School will host Sports Camps for ages 8-14 July 30 through August 2 from 2-4 p.m. and these will feature baseball, soccer and ultimate frisbee.
“This is an opportunity, not just for the church, but everybody to step it up and not expect the government to do it,” said Roberts.