Kettle Falls Junior Legion mid-July update

Chris Rader | Statesman-ExaminerChris Rader | Statesman-Examiner
Chris Rader
Staff Writer

Kettle Falls Junior Legion had a busy final week of the regular season with three doubleheaders, but the Bulldogs struggled, losing five of six games.
First against Mt. Spokane, Kettle Falls won 11-0 and then lost 11-1, then against Cheney, the Bulldogs lost 11-8 and 18-3 and to finish the week Shadle Park won 9-2 and 13-12. Kettle Falls now sits at 9-8 on the season with one game against Lewis and Clark HS yet to play before the postseason.
The losses disturbed head coach Justin Ostheller, but he remains optimisitc that the Bulldogs will pull out of their slide, “You could call this week our ‘dog days’ of baseball with kids playing six games in six days, and also attending basketball practice and games in between. As a group defensively, we just need to settle down and trust ourselves and make plays; offensively, as a group, we just need to keep smashing the ball like we have been and eventually we will find some gaps.”
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