Kettle Falls middle school runners finish season strong

S-E Staff Reporter

Kettle Falls cross-county competed in the District 7 Championships at the Harrington Golf Course last Saturday. It was a chilly, wet and windy course to run, but despite the weather, Kettle Falls students ran decently, according to head coach Matt Edwards. The Kettle Falls middle schoolers ran exceptional times, with many of them breaking records

Edwards' explanation for the middle school's success was the extra time in-between meets, and the reduced volume, allowed the students to recover in order to peak for the championship race.

“The high school is peaking for next week and the middle school wanted ribbons,” Edwards said.

The 1B, 2B Championship for Districts 7 and 9 will be held Oct. 28 At the Colfax Golf Club.

KF Middle School Boys
Ethan Bolt: 41 second PR (10:35)
Caleb Brown: 1:01 PR (10:32)
Eldon Cunningham: 1:20 PR (12:16)
Zane Edwards: 37 second PR (10:16)
Zachary Johnson: 46 second PR (10:27)

KF Middle School Girls
Mya Edwards: 36 second PR (9:59)
Kiya Golphonee: 1:02 PR (11:18)
Emma Kaluzny: 44 second PR (14:14)
Rainey Lince: 57 second Season Best (12:58)

KF High School Boys
Lane Esvelt: 38 second PR (25:55)
Asher Kenney: 1:40 PR (21:14)
Lucas Matney: 1:03 Season Best (19:06)
Easton Pomrankey: 38 second PR (18:12)

No Kettle Falls High School girls had PRs.

To read more on the Kettle Falls cross-country teams, pick up the Nov. 1 edition of the Statesman-Examiner.