A kids’ fundraiser for Colville Animal Sanctuary

S-E Editor

Three community-minded fourth-grade students at Fort Colville School in Colville are in the midst of a fund-raising project they feel passionately about. Trayce Hood, Jaytee Sargent and Trent Darnielle are collecting commodities (and cash) for the cats and dogs at Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary.

The youngsters were given the question, “What can you do to help your community?” Well, after some careful thought, the youngsters thought it would be a great—and appropriate—idea to help the Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary.

Trent, Jaytee and Trayce visited the Sanctuary to better understand the needs of a facility that exists on the generosity of the community.

“We just thought it would be a really good idea to help the Sanctuary,” said Trent. “They need everybody’s help.”

The boys have a donation box at H&R Block in downtown Colville, 526 S. Main Street. Phone 684-3136.

The supply list of items that the Sanctuary can use is a long one, but one the boys hope they can fill. Among the items being sought: bleach, paper towels, trash bags (13 gallon and yard), laundry detergent, hand soap, dish soap, Lysol wipes, scrub brushes, brooms and dust pans, spray bottles, vinyl gloves and rubber gloves, Ziploc bags, paper plates, pet beds, catnip, cat and dog treats, cat and dog toys, litter boxes, wood pellets (used for litter), plastic or wire dog carriers and crates, cat carriers, chain link dog kennels of all sizes, brushes, combs, clippers and grooming supplies, dog collars, leashes and harnesses, printer paper, duct tape, packing tape, clear tape, note pads, scissors, pens, pencils, Sharpies, plastic clipboards, zip ties, clothes pins and bungee cords, storage utility shed, straw and firewood.

“They need a lot of stuff,” Trayce pointed out.

The boys said they plan to keep the fund-raiser going until Feb. 16.

“We hope we can fill the box we have there (at H&R Block) now,” Trayce said. “If we fill that box, we’ll get another one.”

The boys said they are excited about their project and about the chance to help out at the shelter.

“We’re going to the shelter to volunteer,” the boys added. “We are going to help with socializing the cats.”