Last two known Wedge pack wolves lethally removed from Stevens County

Staff Writer

The last two known members of the Wedge wolf pack in Northern Stevens County were lethally removed on Aug. 13, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife reported in a 'Final Wedge pack update' today.

An adult male and female were the last two to be removed, after another adult female was removed on July 27. In the 2019 annual wolf report there were three known members of the Wedge pack.

Since May 11 the Wedge pack has been involved in 16 depredation events, resulting in 19 injuries and four deaths to cattle. The pack was responsible for a bulk of the 34 injuries or deaths to cattle this year, which is the most since wolves reemerged in 2007.

The Leadpoint pack, also in Stevens County, has an active lethal removal order on its seven known members with a breeding pair. After oen-to-two wolves are removed from the Leadpoint pack, another lethal removal will be permitted if depredations continue to occur.