Leavenworth park reopens after deputies kill aggressive cougar

Roger Harnack

Enchantment Park has reopened after the Chelan County Sheriff's Office tracked and killed a cougar that attacked a 4-year-old boy Saturday.
The cougar was a young male weighting about 125 pounds, state Department of Fish and Wildllife Capt. Mike Jewell said, noting a necropsy on the animal is planned.
The cougar had been seen in the park just off U.S. Highway 2 at least three times Saturday, officials said, noting the attack occurred about 9:15 p.m.
The parents of the child released their dogs, which chased off the cougar, officials said.
Deputies killed the aggressive cougar a few hours late.
State officials insisted that cougar attacks are rare.
But only a year ago, in May 2018, a cougar attacked two mountain bikers, S.J. Brooks and Isaac Sederbaum, near North Bend. The cougar killed 32-year-old Brooks.
Residents of rural Stevens County have noticed an increasing number of predator-human interactions and have called on commissioners, law enforcement and game officials to form a task force to address the growing predator problem.