Less mail due to roof troubles in Spokane Dec. 10

Staff Writer

On late Tuesday afternoon the winds blowing through Spokane damaged the roof of the Spokane USPS Processing and Distribution Center, according to Ernie Swanson, USPS media contact for Washington, Northern Idaho and Alaska. Water began coming inside the plant, forcing them to shut down and cover processing equipment.

Swanson said engineers examined the roof on Wednesday to find a solution. As of Dec. 10 the plant is still not operating.

Until the plant is running again, mail is being sent to a processing plant in Seattle, according to Swanson.

“Mail is obviously going to have a couple days delay to what people would normally expect,” said Swanson.

For the Colville area, Swanson remarked, “I doubt there is much mail delivery in that area” and “there probably will be more in the next day or two.”

As for when the Spokane plant will be working again, Swanson said, “We’re hopeful we can get the roof fixed in the next day or two."