Lethal action authorized for Leadpoint wolf pack

Staff Writer

An incremental removal of wolves from the Leadpoint pack in Northeastern Stevens County was authorized yesterday, meaning the department will consider additional lethal action if three depredations occur within 30 days following a removal, or four depredations occur within 10 months.

The Leadpoint pack has been involved in 11 depredations since June 19.

The pack has a minimum of seven members with an active breeding pair.

“Despite the use of proactive non-lethal efforts and deterrents, this pack has continued to attack livestock,” WDFW Director Lisa Susewind said. “While not an easy decision by any means, there is a balance that must be achieved when it comes to wolves, humans, and livestock co-existing. In this case, non-lethal measures have not been successful and we believe the pattern of depredations will continue.”