Letters from Oct. 10, 2018

Statesman-Examiner readers
Staff Writer

Kavanaugh is a disaster for court
The country is so divided now that the only fair thing is to have four conservative and four liberal justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.
They will have to learn to compromise.
Republicans haven’t had the popular vote in their last two elections. Yet, they’re poised to govern the country hard right for the rest of my life and win elections through gerrymandering, voter suppression, racist scare tactics and any other dirty trick they can think of.
So, to be fair, at least big decisions could be decided by a truly fair Supreme Court. As far as Brett Kavanaugh is concerned, I don’t believe he is honest.
I am 65 years old, and I am 100-percent sure I never treated a female like he has been accused of, and neither have any of my friends.
That being said, if some girl from high school said I did, my reaction would be I don’t remember that, but I believe you and I am terribly sorry. I wouldn’t say she’s a liar, and I’m an angel. When he did that, he lost all integrity.
He is a disaster.
Andy MacDougall

Judge Gina Tveit
is courageous
I take offense to the unfounded accusations made by a previous letter writer regarding our sitting district court judge, Gina Tveit.
I happen to “work around” Judge Tveit.
As long as I am honest and respectful and represent in a professional manner, Judge Tveit is an absolute delight to work around.
Judge Tveit gets along just fine with her staff. She has been a model of integrity for as long as I have worked for her.
I can attest, however, that she doesn’t “get along” with individuals who show blatant disrespect for District Court or the law.
She has shown to be a fierce advocate for a fair and impartial justice system. If that means certain attorneys or other judge’s aren’t able to have their way in her court room, so be it.
I don’t want impressionable justice. Our District Court belongs to the residents of taxpayers of Stevens County, not an elite class of attorneys and politicians.
I commend Judge Tveit for her courageous stance in defending our judicial system from factions claiming they just want to get along.
The previous letter writer should look deeper into what is going on in our friendly little county, where those in positions of authority just want to “get along.”
Nick Wolfe

Sign vandalism has to stop
To say I’m deeply disappointed and disgusted to see other candidates’ signs vandalized would be an understatement.
I have heard from nearly every candidate running for political office this year, to include my competitor, that their signs are being stolen or damaged. 
As I drove around the county, I saw that someone has spray-painted over several of Mr. Manus’ signs. 
Recently, it was discovered that someone had shot Mrs. Dice’s and my signs on Bead Lake Road. 
I am going to be very direct to those doing this: Stop.
This type of behavior does not help your chosen candidate. In fact, it can have the opposite effect as it draws negative attention to their campaign and distracts from the message they are trying to share. 
If you truly want to help a candidate, please sign up and volunteer with their campaign. There are countless ways your efforts can positively assist.
Stealing or defacing signs are crimes and in no way help your chosen candidate win their political race. Just because you might not support a candidate doesn’t give you the right to vandalize their political signs.
Jon Carman

Support Trina
Cox for treasurer
In response to a previous letter writer’s inaccurate points, Trina Cox has had more than entry-level positions.
In fact, she has an extensive accounting history and experience for the past 26 years that qualifies her to be the next Stevens County treasurer.
Trina Cox has worked with both local and state government, and has rapport and communications with many residents and Stevens County officials.
Leslie Valz, who ran unopposed, only has two years’ experience as county treasurer. She has more “baggage” thanher suitcase can carry.
Voters, please do your own research.
You will quickly determine that Trina Cox is the most experienced and most qualified person for the job of Stevens County treasurer. She is honest, truthful, intelligent and hard-working.
Please join us and vote for Trina Cox for treasurer.
Tamela and Shawn Merrill

Clean race, clean candidates
I have never known Robbi Katherine Anthony by any other name, but that would have not mattered.
Regardless of what her name is, it only takes one conversation to know she has beautiful mind. It takes a special kind of someone to literally invent things — she has patents, maintain multiple businesses and have the courage to run for Spokane County Commissioner, all at age 26.
Be she young or old, the people of Spokane County would be lucky to have her as a commissioner.
I know I am lucky and endlessly grateful to have her as one of my best friends.
I am also grateful that Al French has been running a clean campaign against her. I hope this positive trend continues, and I am happy to see that Spokane County welcomes change in local politics.
Chelsea R Craig

Former lawmaker supports Cathy
As a former legislator (1994-2002 House, 2002-2006 Senate), I had the distinct honor of serving with both Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Lisa Brown. During a portion of that time, I was a roommate in Olympia with Cathy during Legislative sessions.
I found Cathy to be deliberative, thorough and decisive as she researched issues, and sought solutions.
Since both Cathy and Lisa are capable women experienced in public policy, one question voters should consider is the political platforms each embraces, with two important issues being economy and national security.
Do we want government leaders who believe in promoting policies which support personal opportunity and responsibility? Or do we want government leaders who raise our taxes to provide more government programs?
We want our grandchildren to grow up in a world where they know if they’re willing to work hard, there is nothing they can’t accomplish. ​
My husband, Mike, a Purple Heart recipient and Vietnam veteran. We are grateful to Cathy for her commitment to improve veteran services and the Choice Card veterans can access when the VA can’t provide timely medical services.
We also appreciate her commitment to support active military to keep Americans safe.
I’ve known Cathy for 25 years. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is a true stateswoman. I’m encouraged for the future of Washington state with people like Cathy working for us in the “other Washington.”
Joyce Mulliken
East Wenatchee

Support Jon Carman for sheriff
It’s disheartening people find it necessary to defame an individual just to elicit support for another. That is not the way to get our vote.
We don’t mind reading about why a person might support one candidate over another if they are discussing the merits of the candidate they chose. But smear campaigns, negative comments, misrepresentation of character shouldn’t be allowed.
We are not impressed by that type of campaign strategy.
My husband has extensive knowledge of policies and practices of the law enforcement community as he has been a deputy for many years in another state. That along, with his military background, give him great insight in the Pend Oreille County Sheriff race.
Our votes will go to Jon Carman. We believe Jon is the best candidate for many reasons.
He has an open mind about policy change and the courage to confront issues plaguing our communities.
Restoring the Reserve Deputy Program is brilliant, not only for our county but for law enforcement agencies everywhere. I am excited to see how many reserves decide to make law enforcement a career.
Law enforcement officers work hard to protect us, often putting their lives on the line. The least we can do is respect the position.
Jon has been honest, straight forward, considerate and excited about the future of our communities. I believe Jon has a heart to protect the people, families, and children in the Pend Oreille County.
Jon, our votes are yours.
Jarad and Kina Hart

Policy unfairly targets religion
For those of you who missed the new guidelines for letters to the editor, letters of a religious nature are now banned because religion is too “personal” to talk about in a public square.
Apparently, the new publisher isn’t banning the column by guest pastors, but religious talk has been segregated out from ordinary folk and put on the back pages of the newspaper.
You tan talk about things that are here today and gone tomorrow. But I can’t talk about things that will affect you for all eternity.
You can be pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality and pro-shacking up, but I can’t tell you according to “the book,” which is now too “personal” to be mentioned on the Opinion Page, none of these things are a good idea unless you have the ability to tolerate extreme heat on a long-term basis.
Now that my observations and opinions are considered second-class and not worthy of passing along to others in an opinion forum, I might have to revert to code words.
In my future letters, if you see phrases like “the big boss,” I’m talking about you know who. “Not on speaking terms with the big boss “means people who don’t believe in you know who, and “provide extra security” means asking the big boss to protect us.
You’ll get the other code words as they come up.
Pastor Len Phelps

Sorry for the election mess
Initially, I was not going to run for Stevens County commissioner.
But I received a phone call from a commissioner asking me to run. I was told the county needs new blood and how that person is not doing a good job for the county or the people of the county.
I brought up the fact a young lady was talking about running for Stevens County commissioner. At that time she had not filed.
Speculation had kicked in, so a lot of people thought she was not running for Stevens County commissioner.
Over the course of a couple of months, I was given information about bereavement issues and the possibility of the commissioners asking for a $20,000 raise. (
Another issue was county equipment being used to clean up private property after the 2015 flooding in the town of Hunters.
I was also called by the county prosecutor for words of encouragement to run for the Stevens County commissioner position.
With that said, if the young lady and I and a couple of other good friends would have actually got together. I know we would have a better outcome of this mess.
Sorry for this mess. Sorry I did not realize I was being played. My humble apologies.

Ken Barker
Loon Lake

Re-elect Judge Gina Tveit
Current national politics makes it hard to know who you can trust. Trust at the highest levels of government is now being called into question. As an educator of current events for over 30 years, I can honestly say that the confidence we should have in our elected officials is at an all-time low. I am encouraged however, that my vote for Stevens County District Court Judge can still be based on trust.
I have known Gina Tveit for most of her life and throughout her legal career. Her character, motivation and accomplishments represent values I can trust.
I trust that Judge Tveit’s independence in serving the people of Stevens County will not be influenced by political motivations. This is in direct contrast to the dishonorable efforts used to discredit her leadership as our District Court Judge.
I trust most of all that Judge Tveit has the best interests of the "we the people" at heart. My trust is founded on the basis that Judge Tveit has continued to courageously defend our local justice system in the face of bold efforts to undermine it.
I trust the people of Stevens County will make the most informed decision for the future wellbeing of our local justice system. I trust that 30-years of legal experience, a strong will for independence and accountability to the public, and an agenda-free desire to be of public service will once again be the basis for Judge Gina Tveit’s re-election.
Sheila Stalp