Martin brothers race in Lake Osoyoos Cup

Lukas Martin on the No. 15 Kawasaki SXR launches off the start line Sunday, Aug. 4, during racing action in the annual Lake Osoyoos Cup in Oroville, Wash. Photo by Roger Harnack
Roger Harnack

Two Stevens County men were among the racers competing Aug. 3-4 in the annual Lake Osoyoos Cup watercross in Deep Bay Park.
Brothers Lukas and Zach Martin of Nine Mile Falls raced in both days of the event that drew competitors from British Columbia, Washington, Idaho and Montana.
Both brothers raced in the Novice Stock and 2-Stroke Expert classes.
Lukas Martin took third place in Novice Stock and Zach finished fifth.
In 2-Stroke Expert, the Lukas was fourth and Zach fifth.
Here are the final results from the races:

Lake Osoyoos Cup 2019
Aug. 3-4
CLASS: Ski GP2 Open - Veteran  
1 Seth McNeil  
2 Craig Thorsteinson  
3 Scott Warner 
CLASS: Ski GP1 Open - Pro/Expert  
1 Curtis Pitman  
2 Ethan Pederson  
3 Ian Benson  
4 Doug Derrickson 
CLASS: Ski GP5 Stock - Woman  
1 Alexz Benson  
2 Genesis Warner  
3 Nicole Lesh 
CLASS: Ski GP5 Stock - Novice  
1 Nathan Lesh  
2 Jeff Gosslee  
3 Lukas Martin  
4 Hudson Petek  
5 Zach Martin  
6 Nathan Clements  
7 Chris Wolley  
8 Cole McIntyre  
9 Seth McNeil 
CLASS: Ski GP4 4-Stroke N/A-Expert/Vet  
1 Ian Benson  
2 Nathan Clements  
3 Doug Derrickson 
CLASS: Ski GP3 2-Stroke - Expert  
1 Alexz Benson  
2 Scott Warner  
3 Curtis Pitman  
4 Lukas Martin  
5 Zach Martin  
6 Seth McNeil  
7 Hudson Petek  
8 Ethan Pederson 
CLASS: V2 - 650/750  
1 Nathan Clements  
2 Seth McNeil 
CLASS: V1 - X2  
1 Hudson Petek 
CLASS: Ski Junior 13-14  
1 Cole McIntyre  
2 Matthew Derrickson  
3 Nicole Lesh 
CLASS: Ski GP2 Open - Expert  
1 Nathan Lesh  
2 Ethan Pederson  
3 Curtis Pitman  
4 Nathan Clements 
CLASS: Ski GP5 Stock - Junior 10-12  
1 Jordyn Miller  
2 Sophia Benson  
3 Jayden Black  
4 Century Warner 
CLASS: Ski GP5 Stock - Beginner  
1 Genesis Warner  
2 Chris Wolley  
3 Matthew Derrickson 
CLASS: Ski GP5 Stock - ProAM  
1 Curtis Pitman  
2 Alexz Benson  
3 Nathan Lesh  
4 Klete Kinser  
5 Craig Thorsteinson  
6 Ethan Pederson  
7 Nathan Clements  
8 Ian Benson 
CLASS: Ski GP5 Stock - Veteran  
1 Scott Benson  
2 Craig Thorsteinson  
3 Seth McNeil