McCart announces candidacy for Stevens County Commissioner

Wes McCart has announced his candidacy for the Stevens County Commissioner seat in District 1.Current District 1 Commissioner Larry Guenther announced he will not be seeking another term.McCart, as a businessman and farmer, recognizes the need to expand economic base, grow the local economy, support good living wages, protect private property rights, and get government bureaucrats out of the way. “Listening to the concerns of all residents, addressing the many widespread views, bringing people together to find solutions, and responsibly managing the affairs of Stevens County is my promise,” McCart said.McCart is an experienced volunteer leader, having participated in various county issues. He is an out¬spoken advocate in the county budget process for responsible and priority spending.McCart has current leadership roles in Stevens County Farm Bureau, Water Conservancy Board, Chamokane Creek and Colville Watersheds, as well as others. McCart has also played a prominent role in starting a Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights group in Northeast Washington. McCart says he has consistently played a lead role in protecting private prop¬erty rights and economic enhancements in Ferry, Spokane, Pend Oreille, and Stevens Counties.The candidate promises to uphold limited government. “I understand that responsible money management, public safety, transportation, public health, and only those things which can not be done by individuals working alone or in groups are the limits of responsible government,” he stated. McCart says he is committed to protecting “our interests from undue outside influences.” Having traveled to Olympia and Washington, D.C. many times, McCart says he will continue to “protect our economy and rural lifestyle from bureaucratic agendas.” McCart has been married to his wife Pam for 29 years. The couple has lived in Stevens County for the past 18 years. “As your County Commis¬sioner and public servant, face to face contact and communication of county issues through local media will be important to me,” McCart added. “I will insist on participation in local events and travel of your local officials and staff for the convenience of the citizens. I promise to uphold high standards of excellence and efficient management principles throughout my term.“Stevens County is a great place to live and work, and I will work hard on everyone’s behalf to keep it a safe and prosperous place for families and businesses.”