Michael Randall

Michael Stephen Randall passed away July 28, 2012 in a car accident in Yamhill County, Oregon at age 24. He was born Nov. 1, 1987 to Gregory and Suzanne Randall, the send of five children. He shared his birthday with his brother, Joshua E. Randall, who was born exactly three years later. Michael grew up in Tacoma. He lived in Tacoma until his family moved to Colville in 2000. Although reluctant at first, Colville soon became home to him and he graduated from Colville High School in 2006. Michael was a very intelligent person, having been taught to read at the age of four by his mother. He was always very interested in computers, graphic design especially. As a young teenager, he said he wanted to work for Pixar. He took electronics all through high school and worked part-time at Fogle Pump in Colville. After graduating from high school, he moved back to Tacoma, where he worked at Preferred Pump in sales. He was doing very well at the company, having worked his way up from an entry level position to outside sales. He was very proud of his accomplishments at the company, having earned the respect of his co-workers, boss, and clients. Michael was always a very determined, hard worker even as a child. He was well on his way to a successful career. He knew he wanted to own his own business, so he took several college courses in business. Although he had a very difficult childhood, he tried to make up for it by being a devoted boyfriend and father figure to his girlfriend’s two girls, whom he adored. The last project he was working on was starting his own Property Care business. Knowing Michael, it would have been a great success. Michael is survived by his mother, Suzanne Thorne; his father, Gregory Randall; by his sister, Jennifer Rollis and her husband, Chris Rollis and their two girls, Abigail and Ashlyn Rollis; his sister, Sarah Randall; his brothers, Joshua and Christopher Randall; his grandparents, John and Harriet Clark, and his grandmother, Betty Randall. He will be sadly missed, but his memory will live in our hearts forever.