More election results

Staff Writer

Ballots for the Nov. 5 general election were mailed to 31,945 voters in Stevens County , with 5,731 weighing in on local and state races and issues, for a 17.94% return rate.
Local voters rejected Measure No. 88 by a 71.78% margin. It was approved by a 28.22% margin.
Measure 976 was approved by 74.66 percent, with 24.34% voting no.
Advisory Vote No. 20 was repealed by 84.18% of local voters, with 15.82% in favor.
Advisory Vote No. 21 was repealed by 78.315, with 21.69% in favor.
Advisory Vote No. 22 was repealed by 85.29%, with 14.71% in favor.
Advisory Vote No. 23 was maintained by 50.09% of voters, with 49.91% seeking to repeal.
Advisory Vote No. 24 was repealed by 85.75% of voters, with 14.25% in favor.
Advisory Vote No. 25 was repealed by 80.22% of voters, with 19.78% in favor.
Advisory Vote 26 was repealed by 80.67%, with 19.33% in favor.
Advisory Vote 27 was repealed by 86.45%, with 13.55% in favor.
Advisory Vote 28 was repealed by 66.19%, with 33.81% in favor.
Advisory Vote 29 was repealed by 86.39%, with 13.615 in favor.
Advisory Vote 30 was repealed by 77.535, with 22.47% in favor.
Advisory Vote 31 was repealed by 65.04% with 34.96% in favor.
Senate Joint Resolution No. 8200 was rejected by $57.84%, with 42.16% approval.
Voters approved the Chewelah School District No. 36 capital levy for security and technology improvements by 55.6%. No votes comprised 44.34%.
In other contested races countywide:
Ryan Siever won the Position 4 seat on the Chewelah Council Position by a 52.55% margin. John May captured 47.45% of the vote.
The at-large position on the Chewelah City Council went to Ashley Grubb with 60.44% of votes cast. John Wight took 39.56% of the vote.
Mark Redler won Position 3 on the Town of Marcus Council with 57.69% of the vote. Carolyn Worden took 42.31%.
Position 4 on the Town of Springdale Council went to Harold Love with 53.85% of the vote. Jeff Burris took 46.15%.
Kyra Rolstad won the District 2 seat on the Chewelah School District board with 64.52% of the vote. Sean Petersen received 35.48%.
Theolene Baaken was chosen for District 5 on the Chewelah School District board with 53.70% of the vote. Warren Steward received 46.30%.
Eric Olsen was chosen for Position 2 on the Nine Mile Falls School District board with 62.59% of the vote. Mary McAdam received 37.41%.
Daniel Moss received 53.33% of the vote, capturing the District 2 seat on the Columbia School District board.
Michael Moehnke won the District 2 position on the Mary Walker School District board with 54.36% of the vote. April Steinbach took 45.62% of the vote.
Amy Roy won the District 3 seat on the Mary Walker School District board with 50.52% of the vote. John Axtell took 49.48%.
Jim Hanson captured the District 3 seat on the Northport School District board with 63.16% of the vote. Jayson Stachofwky received 36.84%.
Mark Whittaker was chosen for Position 3 on the Fire District 3 Commissioner with 66.81% of the vote. Gregory Meyer received 33.19%.