More than point and click

Jeff Tetrick has always had a fondness for both photography and painting, two art forms that demand a similar approach. They both require a good eye for color, composition, and the bigger picture, so to speak. “As an artist, I see beauty in a lot of things,” Tetrick says. “It’s a rare day when I don’t see a good picture to take, and the painting keeps my eyes fresh and alert for details.” Tetrick, who hailed from Bloomington, Michigan and Salt Lake City, Utah before moving to the Colville area in the late 80s, takes his expertise on both subjects and applies them at non-credit courses at Spokane Community College’s Colville Center. He will teach several classes on painting landscapes with acrylics and the basics of digital photography starting in February. “Thomas Kinkade exemplified the use of light so well in his paintings,” Tetrick says, citing his inspirations. “Also, (photographer) Ansel Adams is incredible. I see his work as tremendous. I like a lot of old masters, the realists and the impressionists. Their work speaks to me.” Tetrick has been teaching non-credit courses at the college for 13 years. He says the biggest challenge he has to help amateur photographers overcome is the idea that just because an individual has a new digital camera, it doesn’t mean that every photo they take will be something to frame and put on the mantle. “You can take a 1,000 pictures and maybe have one decent photo in the whole bunch,” says Tetick. “There’s a lot more to it. People may not realize that at first, then they get discouraged without recognizing the full potential of the camera they have. To be an effective photographer, you need to walk that line between the artistic and the technical. A little instruction helps.”*For the full article, see this week's edition of the S-E!