Motorcycles ride to remember 9/11

Metro Newspaper Service
Jim and Mary Angell

The throaty rumble of motorcycles will echo on Colville’s Main Street on Saturday during the American Legion’s annual 9/11 Memorial Ride.
John Horton, adjutant for the Legion’s Frank Star Post 47 in Colville, said he expects from 60 to 80 motorcycles to take part in the annual memorial ride that will run from the Super 1 Foods parking lot down to Main Street and south through town.

The aim of the ride is to encourage people to remember the victims of the terrorist attack on American on Sept. 11, 2001, as well as to honor members of the military and the country itself, Horton said.

“It’s just the power and awareness of 60 or 80 motorcycles going down the highway,” he said. “It’s an impressive sight and it brings awareness. We all fly American flags, POW flags, ‘Honor and Remember’ flags. It’s a very patriotic day of remembrance.”

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