Mountain Berry FroYo opens its doors

Mountain Berry FroYo (frozen yogurt), owned by Colville natives Terri Boswell and Alexandria Ellis, is Colville’s newest eatery. The eatery, which serves several varieties of frozen yogurt, (including a Kiwi Strawberry sorbet for those who partake in non-dairy) recently opened July 3. Ellis manages the business while Terri Boswell currently works for Eastern Washington University’s Early Head Start Program with birth to three-year-old children A couple of years ago Terri and her daughters visited a FroYo in Spokane and fell in love with the product. “I thought it would be a great addition to the restaurants in Colville and decided to try it,” says Boswell. “We picked out YoCream of Port¬land, Oregon because they keep the healthy cultures in the yogurt.” Both Boswell and Ellis attended YoCream University to learn how to prepare and serve frozen yogurt. As a result, Mountain Berry FroYo serves eight flavors of frozen yogurt, including one with no sugar added. With the flavors constantly rotating, customers will also find 25 to 30 toppings. Pricing is set at 44 cents an ounce (including toppings). Boswell’s husband, Ty, and his brother Dirk Boswell, have been busy the last few months remodeling the Courthouse Café Building and adding a fireplace inside, a patio outside and a kitchen in the basement. Currently, the only beverage offered is water, but more options will be available shortly. Stop in at 287 E. Astor between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. or call 684-6072 for more infor¬mation.