My Bag campaign seeks donations

S-E Staff Reporter

Parkview Senior Living has started an annual project to provide Rural Resources Victims Services Kids First Children's Advocacy Center with backpacks for tweens.

Kids First strives to reduce trauma and provide support to children who are victims of sexual and physical abuse. They provide on-site agency collaboration and the use of a multidisciplinary team approach to investigate and treat child abuse. At Kids First they've found that one of their best tools for children and tweens caught in-between are simple duffle bags filled with daily essentials. To a child in crisis, receiving a bag of their very own helps them maintain their dignity and independence in the midst of their distress. While a donation campaign was done earlier this year for younger children, the tweens had been skipped.

And that's why Parkview wanted to help.

This project initially started off as an idea from Parkview residents, which came up at their monthly resident meeting.

“This community and the children who live here are very important and close to the hearts of our residents,” said Nancy Christopher, Parkview Community Outreach Director.

Parkview Senior Living and the residents who live there are honored to be a part of organizing the drive for the “My Bag” campaign. They are asking many of the community businesses and organizations to donate to this worthy cause. The drive will be seeking donations aimed at the age group of 10 to 15-years-old, each bag containing a blanket, toiletries and books or games.

Boise Cascade has already donated 100 backpacks, 50 of which will be filled this year and the rest next year. Parkview is planning to make this an annual drive.

Christopher said other business have already stepped up to add to the bags; Walmart, Avista, Home Suite Home, contributing items like water bottles and flashlights.

Parkview residents are still asking for adult coloring books, colored pencils, pens, journals and deodorant.

The Parkview resident council will also be making a donation to the program. Backpacks will be filled by Parkview residents and given to Kids First early August.

Donations of any size are accepted, including monetary donations.

Please call or drop off donations by the end of July to Parkview Senior Living, 240 S. Silke. Call (509) 684-5677 to ask any questions.