New truck for Fire District 3

S-E Staff Reporter

Stevens County Fire District 3 will be more adequately prepared to deal with fire calls this year with a new command vehicle.

District 3 was awarded a 2016 Local Fire District Wildland Fire Preparedness Grant last fall. The grant provided $25,000 for the purchase of a command vehicle, a pump and several 100 feet of wildland hose.

Jeff Long, commissioner chairman for Fire District 3, completed the purchase of the district's 2009 Dodge pickup-truck last Wednesday. At time of purchase, the vehicle had 60,5000 miles on it.

According to Long, the grant was meant to “enhance rural firefighting capabilities,” which is exactly what the truck will do.

District 3 needed a command vehicle for transporting firefighters. District 3 encompasses Colville and the six-mile radius around it, so travel is required.

“The truck's main service will be getting firefighters to the fire, whether it be a brush fire or a house fire out in the district,” Long said. “The fire trucks can only haul so many people, so we needed something to basically get the crew there. Something that can haul more than two people.”

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