Northeast Washington voters oppose I-940

Roger Harnack

Law enforcement statewide will have to work under a higher standard when it comes to the use of deadly force if tonight’s general election results hold up.
According to the Secretary of States’ Office, Initiative 940 was passing statewide with 59.2 percent voter support; 40.8 percent opposed it.
Officials counted 1.95 million votes, so far.
The measure redefines the appropriate use of deadly force under the “good faith” standard and requires additional training for violence de-escalation and dealing with suspects and victims who have mental health issue. The measure also requires officers receive CPR training.
While the measure is passing statewide, voters in Northeast Washington are strongly opposed.
In Stevens County, only 39.4 percent of the ballots counted were in favor of the measure; 60.6 percent were opposed.
Pend Oreille County voters, too, opposed the measure, but by a smaller margin. Of the votes counted tonight, 56.1 percent opposed the measure and 43.9 percent supported it.
The numbers were similar in Ferry County, where only 54.4 percent of voters supported I-940 and 45.6 percent opposed it.