Our artists: Handmade from the heart

Deanna Draney is an accomplished local artist and craftswoman from Colville and one of the organizers behind the North Country Artisan's Market (see story in this week's newspaper). She is also the owner of Blue Lotus Stained Glass.Tell us a bit about yourself. 
 I’ve been living in the Colville area for about 29 years. I met my husband, Kelly, 18 years ago and we are now raising our four kids. About 12 years ago I got an opportunity to take some stained glass classes in Canada. I really fell in love with it and have been making custom stained glass ever since under the Blue Lotus Stained Glass name. Our family is into homemade Christmases. So a few years ago I started making crochet ski hats for them and now I just can’t stop! Apart from creating things, what do you do? 
 For fun I like spending time with my family. We like to play outdoors skiing, biking and being on the water, or at least near it! Where does your inspiration come from? 
 I am inspired mostly by colors, designs, patterns or by things that have special meaning to me. What does handmade mean to you? 
 Handmade is anything from the heart. *Read the full interview in this week's edition of the S-E.