Out of the past

Richard Willner

153 Years Ago - 1865
The first steamboat constructed in Stevens county was built in 1865. It was used on the Upper Columbia river under the command of Captain Lewis White, who was the builder of it. When the timbers had all been brought to the place where the boat was to be erected Captain White invited Misses Christina McDonald and Mary L. Brown to drive the first nail, which was done with a great deal of ceremony. It was launched November 18, 1865. The name of this notable craft was "Forty-Nine," so named on account of its route across the forty-ninth parallel to the head of navigation, starting from Kettle Falls.
110 Years Ago - 1908
Fire destroyed the old hay shed at Rickey Spur, two mile south of town last Saturday, including about 50 tons of baled hay belonging to Dupuis Bros., which had been stored there for shipment. The fire was started by a passing engine.
100 Years Ago - 1918
The Minute Women of Meyers Falls have finished up the weighing and measuring of children under six years old, as they were asked to do by the child welfare department of their work. They said that they didn't really think they had such a lot of babies until they called at each home.
85 Years Ago - 1933
Goetter's Pharmacy, the oldest business house in Colville, passed out of existence last week and the newly organized Colville Drug company has taken it over. The business is now in charge of Harold Reiman, who had been employed there as pharmacist for several years while the business was under the ownership of Norman W. Moss. Goetter's Pharmacy was founded in 1886 by Frank B. Goetter, one of Colville's best known pioneers.
The salmon run has started at Kettle Falls. Pete Lemery, who has been watching the river for weeks, sent word to Colville Wednesday that he had caught four salmon in the baskets at the falls Tuesday.
The Columbia river is very much in the spotlight these days, with talk of the Grand Coulee dam, but many of the Indians, whose ancestors have fished at the falls for untold ages, would rather the river were left alone.
75 Years Ago - 1943
The booth in the entrance to the J.C. Penny store on Navy day, which Miss Inez Callam was in charge of sold about $1000 worth of war stamps and bonds.
Tin cans gathered by Colville residents may now be brought to the Scott Chevrolet company's garage for storage pending shipment, according to Ross Boucher, chairman of the local civilian defense council which is sponsoring the campaign to gather and dispose of the cans.
65 Years Ago - 1953
Mrs. Mary Paul, believed to have been Stevens county's oldest citizen at an estimated 115 years, passed away in her home at Northport August 6. She was born at Nelson, B.C., about 1838 or possibly earlier, as no records were kept in the early days. Mary resided at Northport 65 years.
Color television probably will be available next year but it will be available in the "luxury" class, William Halligan, president of the Hallicrafters company, said this week. Speaking before the annual sales convention of the Television and Radio Manufacturing company. "I would say the retail cost of the early color sets, with only a 14-inch picture tube will be somewhere between $900 and $1000," Halligan predicted.
55 Years ago - 1963
Winner of the 406-pound capacity Frigidaire freezer, first prize in Barmans Department Store's 76th anniversary celebration was Mrs. Ross Michael of Colville. The Michael's have been Colville residents since 1949. They have been residents of the area for 27 years.
45 Years ago - 1973
ALCOA's Addy plant has been given the green light by the Washington State Department of Ecology.
35 Years Ago - 1983
Howard Rieckers has been named interim manager of the Northeast Washington Fair. Rieckers, chairman of the long-Range Planning Committee for the fair, succeeds Warren Wegis.
25 Years Ago - 1993
Masons to place cornerstone at new Colville High School. "It is hoped that this time capsule will not be opened for perhaps 100 years or more so that future generations will have a better idea what life was like in the Colville area in 1993," Raymond Hickley, secretary of the lodge stated. Locally, a cornerstone was laid at the main entrance to the Stevens County Courthouse on Sept. 8, 1938 (80 years ago) by the Grand Master and Grand Lodge of Washington, F.&A.M.
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