Out of the Past for Oct. 17, 2018

Richard Willner
Special to the Statesman-Examiner

Over 10,000 years ago, long before the empires of Greece, Rome, Samaria ... and after all of them, the Salish Indians of the Inland Northwest created a peaceful and sustainable civilization that lasted over 10,000 years, until it was disrupted by the diseases and designs of the Europeans.
The center of that culture was the fishery at Kettle Falls, where five tribes shared resources and maintained the vitality of the salmon run.

110 Years Ago
1908 — New Hotel at Cronin, Albert Loiselle, Proprietor. Everything new. Beds and meals. Teams cared for. Hay and grain for sale. Teams to let. Fish pond stocked with trout.105 Years Ago - 1913Colville’s snowfall on the 10th totaled 2.25 inches which breaks all recorded.

100 Years Ago
1918 — R.L. Bradbury is the new mailing clerk at the post office, taking the place of Earl Strong, who went to Pullman with the draft contingent Tuesday. Mr. Bradbury was mail carrier in Colville when the city delivery first began.

85 Years Ago
1933 — A box of apples was shipped this week from the oldest orchard in Stevens county to the grandson of one of the Colville valley’s earliest pioneers. W. Lon Johnson picked a box of apples from the old trees in the Arden grove and shipped it to George F. Yantis, Olympia attorney, who is a grandson of B.F. Yantis, who built the first dam at Arden in 1859. The trees, according to the records of the late John B. Slater, were planted in 1868, being brought here from Walla Walla. Only a few gnarled trees are left.

75 Years Ago
1943 — Sale of the old Harvey hospital building on N. Main street by Mrs. Cora Ferguson, to the Dominican Sisters is reported by W.L. Woodard, real estate dealer. Mrs. Ferguson was the wife of the late Dr, Lee B. Harvey, the founder of the hospital. The building was constructed and equipped for general hospital purposes by Dr. Harvey in 1905. War ration Book 4 will be issued at the elementary schools in the period from Oct. 26 through Oct. 29, according to Charles Noe, chairman of the local war price and ration board. Ration Book 3 will still be used for special commodities and also for shoes.

65 Years Ago
1953 — Jet planes will thunder over historic meeting site. It was on October 18, 1853, that Stevens and McClellan met at the Hudson’s Bay trading post then known as Fort Colville. In observance of the 100th anniversary of the event. This will take place at the site of old St. Paul’s Mission, on a hillside overlooking the waters of Lake Roosevelt, which now inundate the site of the old fort.Visits Spokane first time in fifty years. “Why is everybody in such a hurry?” asked Bob Wingham, pioneer Colville resident. Mr. Wingham, who is 83 years of age, came here about 50 years ago. He says he has not been more than a few miles from Colville since coming here in 1903.

55 Years Ago
1963 — Sherman Creek — Mike Kaelber, who is 13, won a 14 pound turkey at the Inchelium turkey shoot, out shooting many of the men present.

45 Years Ago
1973 — Jacque Kohlstedt was crowned Colville High School 1973 carnival queen.Mr. and Mrs. Womack were the recipients this week of an all expense trip to the Bahamas. Womack, a salesman at Cliff Neutz Chevrolet-Buick in Colville, won the trip in a Chevrolet sales contest. He reports selling six units the final day.

35 Years Ago
1983 — Lew Hill, representing the Colville Eagles Lodge, donated a $350 check to the Girl Scouts to Europe 84 campaign. Receiving the check are Kristi Kirpes, Trudy Kitt and Jacie Michalke. The $350 check was used to supply the Scouts hamburger stand which they operated during the resent Logging Olympics in Colville.Ellan and Albert Stone will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. They were married Oct. 17, 1918, at the Ward Mission.

25 Years Ago
1993 — Saturday, Oct. 16 will be one of the most popular days of the year for more than 248,000 citizens in the state of Washington. That’s the day when licensed hunters will take to the mountains and lakes for opening of deer, waterfowl and upland bird seasons.LaDuke and Fogle Unlimited Class Pole Bending winners, Tricia Caro, 2nd, Darci Burnett and her horse Kanscat, 1st.