Panhandlers Riders Motorcycle Club

Saturday April 22 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Panhandlers coming to Kettle Falls. “Every year this amazing group rides to our city to support the Kettle Falls Food Bank,” said Tina Rubio, the Director of the Kettle Falls Community Chest. “They’re from Coeur d-Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, Idaho and the Spokane area.”

There are multiple clubs that are involved in this annual ride. Some may ask why our community? Why does this group come all the way up here? Twenty-five years ago, they saw a need and rode up here to help and have continued their mission ever since. A special thanks to Joyce Kelley who arranged this wonderful event and to all the riders who helped in donating over $1,400 and over 100 donations. On behalf of the Kettle Falls Community Chest, our board members and volunteers we thank you for your continuous support. You are all appreciated.