Passing on the knowledge to future foresters

Katie Leithead | S-E Staff ReporterKatie Leithead | S-E Staff Reporter
Katie Leithead
S-E Staff Reporter

Not even the rain could stop area FFA students from gathering at the Douglas Falls Grange Park’s day use area for the 40th annual Stevens County Forestry Contest.  

Like previous years, this event was coordinated by the Stevens County Conservation District (SCCD) and made possible by all of the sponsors and volunteers.

Resources (DNR), Boise, Hancock, Arden Tree Farms, Berrigan Forestry, Harthill’s Mountain Saw and Tractor and Colville National Forest. It’s the expert volunteers who set up the test and the hands on elements.

“These instructors volunteer their time asked because of their commitment to forestry education,” said Dana Bowers, Education Program Coordinator for SCCD.

Volunteers from the community are also needed to score and escort students around the course, since in past years there was confusion about when to move from station to station because courses are set up all over the day use area.

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