Peterson voted out of position in DOT Feb. 5

Lynn Peterson was voted out as head of the Washington state Department of Transportation (DOT) after three years, according to a press release from Olympia. A majority of the state Senate voted against her, citing a lack of trust and confidence due to multiple management failures.

“This is about having accountability at the highest levels in state agencies. Secretary Peterson’s inability to properly manage the DOT after three years has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars," said Senate Majority Leader Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville. "She has undermined any confidence the people had in transportation projects and simply can’t be trusted to manage the additional transportation funding approved last year.”

Included in Peterson’s DOT failures are the shutdown of the Seattle tunnel project, which is anticipated to cost over $200 million in claims and cost overruns, and the unsuccessful Interstate-405 high-occupancy toll lanes that have made traffic congestion worse.