Pick-up man sustains serious concussion at Pro-West Rodeo

Victim awake as of last Sunday A fun weekend at the an­nual Panorama Pro-West Ro­deo in Colville nearly turned to trag­edy last Saturday after­noon when a pick-up man was injured in the Northeast Washington rodeo arena. Bo Segerman, 21, was pur­suing a rough stock bucking horse to corral it back into the pen when the horse somehow got behind his own mount and caused it to trip, throwing Segerman and rolling over him in the process. Segerman, who works for stock contractor, Gold Buckle Rodeo Company, was knocked unconscious. Segerman was transported via ambulance to Providence Mount Carmel Hospital where he was flown by helicopter to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spo­kane. According to Panorama Ro­deo Director Wyatt Cowley, Segerman was diag­nosed with a severe concus­sion, but was awake and co­herent on Sun­day. He suf­fered a few other minor inju­ries, but no broken bones. Rodeo pick-up men are vital to the safety of rodeo cowboys. A pick-up man’s job is to re­trieve the cowboy if necessary after his eight second ride from a bucking horse. “There’s always one or two injuries that happen during a rodeo, but this was one of the more major ones I have seen since my involvement (with Pro-West Rodeo),” said Cow­ley. “Everyone is glad that he’s okay.”