Preliminary Stevens County election results

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Republican Wes McCart wins the first count of the Nov. 3 general election for Commissioner District 1 by 61.01%, with 7,931 votes. His Democratic challenger, Michael Bell, took 38.99%, or 5,068 votes.

In Commissioner District 3, Republican Greg Young swept preliminary results by a 56.80% margin, or 7,390 votes. Malcolm Friedman, who was running unaffiliated received 43.20%, or 5,620.

The next count of ballots mailed in and those that awaited signature checks will be Friday about noon, according to Lori Larsen, county auditor who oversees local elections.

Stevens County voters rejected Referendum Measure No. 90 by a 66.36% margin, or 8,900 votes in Tuesday's unofficial election results. Yes votes totaled 4,512, or 33.64%.

Advisory Vote No. 32 Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5323 was defeated locally by 10,679 votes, or an 80.63% margin. Yes votes were given by a 19.37% margin, or 2,566.

Advisory Vote No. 33 Substitute Senate Bill 5628 was defeated in Stevens County by 80.62%, or 10,608 votes. Yes votes totaled 2,550, or a 19.38% margin.

Advisory Vote No. 34 Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 6492 was defeated locally by an 80.53% margin, or 10,559 votes
Yes votes totaled 2,553, or a 19.47% margin.

Advisory Vote No 35 Engrossed Senate Bill 6690 went down in Stevens County by 71.28% margin or 9,362 votes. It was approved by a 28.725 margin, or 3,772 votes..

Proposed Constitutional Amendment was rejected by a 71.83% margin, or 9,379 votes. Approval was given by a 28.17% margin, or 3,679 votes
The next count of about 15,000 ballots will be on Friday.

Stevens County voted in the first unofficial results by a 63.32% margin for Republican President Donald Trump, or 8,652 votes. His Democratic challenger Joseph Biden received 4,783 votes, a 35% margin.

Republican Loren Culp received 9,191 votes for governor, a 67.12% margin. Incumbent Democrat Jay Inslee took 4,502 local votes, a 32.88% margin. However, before Stevens County's preliminary votes had even been counted, the race was being called for Inslee statewide.

U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican, received 9,343 votes in Stevens County, a 68.71% margin, to retain her Fifth Congressional District seat. Her Democratic challenger Dave Wilson was given 4,255 votes, or 31.29%.

Incumbent Democrat Denny Heck received 4,797 votes, or 63.12%, for Lt Governor. His challenger, Marko Liias, also a Democrat, took 2,803 votes, or 36.88%.

Incumbent Republican Kim Wyman was given 9,369 votes for Secretary of State, a 69.73% margin. Democratic opponent Gael Tarleton received 4,068 votes, or 30.27%.

Incumbent Republican Duane A Davison captured 67.16% of local votes cast for State Treasurer, or 8,972 votes. His Democratic challenger, Mike Pellicciotti scored 4,387 votes, or 32.84%.

Incumbent Democrat Pat McCarthy was given 4,802 local votes, or 36.13% for State Auditor, far below the 8,489 votes given to Republican challenger Chris Leyba, or 63.87%

Republican Matt Larkin received 8,792 votes, a 65.51% margin for Attorney General. Incumbent challenger Bob Ferguson was given 4,529 votes, or 34.49%

Hilary Franz, incumbent Commissioner of Public Lands and a Democrat received 4,661 votes, or 34.95%, compared to 8,674, a 65.05% margin that went to Republican opponent Sue Kuehl Pederson.

Republican challenger Maia Espinoza received 6,044 votes, a 51.53% margin for Superintendent of Public Instruction to incumbent Democrat Chris Reykdal's 5,685 local votes, or 48.47%.

Republican Chirayu Avinash Patel was awarded 55,06% of the vote, or 5,834 ballots, for Insurance Commissioner. Incumbent Democrat Mike Kreidler was given 5,834 votes, or 44.94%.

Incumbent Republican Jacquelin Maycumber earned 9,176 votes, or 68.56%, for Position 1 in Legislative District 7. Democratic opponent Georgia Davenport received 4,702 votes, or 31.44%.

Incumbent Republican Joel Kretz was awarded 9,530 votes, or 73.36% for Position 2 in Legislative District 7. His Democratic challenger, JJ Wandler, received 3,460 votes, or 26.64%.