Progress on 49 Degrees North development halts as construction company declares bankruptcy

Liv Stecker | Statesman-Examiner
Lic Stecker
Special to the S-E

Visitors to the quiet “backside” of 49 Degrees Ski Resort this season were met with a lonely sight. Sprawling construction that began on the first phase of the Alpine Glades residential development sits silently abandoned as news that the builder, Vandervert Construction has declared bankruptcy emerges. Barry Davidson is the court appointed receiver in the process.

“Vandervert has terminated construction-related activities effective last Friday,” Davidson said in an interview with the Spokesman Review on February 9.

Davidson says that receivership was entered into voluntarily by owner Tim Stulc after the company sustained losses on hotel construction projects around the state. Vandervert released a statement detailing the losses and subsequent inability to secure funding to recover from the setbacks.

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