Prosecutor denies claims of harassment

Katie Leithead | Statesman-Examiner
Jesse Mullen

Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen addressed claims of harassment and discrimination in a letter sent to area media last week.

Within the letter, Rasmussen refutes claims brought against him and Stevens County by former county employee Saundra Richartz. In the claim, Richartz accuses Rasmussen of sexual harassment, maintaining a hostile work environment, gender discrimination, disability discrimination, failure to provide accommodations for a disability, retaliation and the violation of associational rights and free speech. Richartz is a former Stevens County deputy prosecutor.

"Her overall performance and the fact she sold liquor to persons in the courthouse during working hours caused me to make the decision that she should be separated," Rasmussen says in his letter.
"She refused to follow plain county polices with regard to outside business interests."

In 2013, Richartz acquired 10 percent interest in Dominion Distillery. Dominion Distillery is a Colville business that distills, bottles and sells liquor and a selection of mixed drinks. Other part-owners are members of the local law and business community.

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