Ranchers demand change in wildlife rules

Aaron Andrews | Statesman-ExaminerAaron Andrews | Statesman-Examiner
Aaron Andrews

Local citizens, ranchers and hunters met with Fish and Wildlife Director Kelly Susewind and Wolf Policy Expert Donny Martorello last Saturday evening to discuss local issues.
Members of the Stevens County Cattlemen Association were present as were members of the Cattle Producers of Washington.
Scott Nielsen, president of CPW and vice-president of SCCA, introduced Susewind and Martinello.
“We the folks of this area don’t get a lot of access to the director,” he said. “I know there is a lot of animosity in this room against WDFW. I think Kelly is a fair guy. Would I have liked to see him do some things a little more aggressively this summer and fall? Yeah, I would, and I think that’s fair to say. But I think we’ve made progress with Kelly as the new director.”
Nielsen also noted that Susewind came in good faith. “He didn’t bring his enforcement people. He doesn’t have anybody to protect him,” he said, and the crowd chuckled.

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