Riding in remembrance

In a time honored tradition, American Legion Riders gathered inside the Super One Foods parking lot on Sept. 9 for the start of their annual 9-11 Memorial Ride and Service. This year over 55 motorcycles made the trip from Colville, up north to Beaver Lodge and down south again through Deer Park, where they eventually ended in Chewelah.

'There was definitely a lot more people than last year,” said rider Andrea Gjendem, noting that the entire ride was “a wonderful success.”

This year's ride was sponsored by the American Legion Riders Post 54 out of Chewelah.

Joining the trip was a veteran who served in World War II and in the Korean War.

Riding along were also veteran's who had served in WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Libya, Falkland Island, Operation Desert Fox, Operation Neptune Spear, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Persian Gulf War, Somalian Civil war Intervention, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Invasion of Panama, Granada and Honduras.

“Many served in multiple American conflicts to protect our fine country,” said Amanda McCroskey.

Photos courtesy Amanda McCroskey of Studio76 Photography in Spokane and Laura Martin.