Road closures

Theses are the roads closed in Stevens County as of April 1, according to the Stevens County Department of Public Works.

North area roads:

Gold Creek Loop, South End near Corbett Creek Road (mudslide undermining roadway)
Heidegger Road (slide blocking roadway)
Mantz Rickey Road (water over roadway
Old CC Road (washed out with water)

South area roads:

Lenhard Lane (culvert washed out)
Lessig Road (slide blocking roadway)
Rose Hill Road west (culvert washed out)
Stanton (culvert washed out)
Wallbridge (culvert washed out)

All roads closed are considered minor collector roads. There are no major arterial roads closed at this time.
According to Public Works, some of the roads are down to one lane traffic but they should be back to two lanes soon.