Salt kills maple tree on Main Street

Staff Writer

The Colville City Recreation Department filled in a sidewalk planter in front of the Key Bank on Colville’s Main Street last week.

The maple tree that used to reside in the planter, which had been slowly dying for five years, finally passed away, according to Oda Chartier of the Recreation Department. This tree marks the fourth tree the city has had to remove from Main Street’s planters for various reasons. One tree fell down and another got burned in the fire that destroyed Saundra's Furniture Store.

Only one other tree has died to a similar cause, salt exposure.

During the winter sidewalks get heavily salted, especially out in front of government buildings and banks. As ice melts, the salt water gets collected by the trees, which isn't good for them.

“It’s the nature of the beat living in the great northwest,” said Chartier. “Trees don’t like salt, but we've got to keep the sidewalks clear.”

The planter now has a younger maple tree inside it.