SCAM ALERT: WSDOT impersonators

Staff Writer

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) would like to warn the public that people are impersonating WSDOT.

An elderly woman shared her story; four men dressed in flagging vests and hard hats approached her home at night claiming they worked for the state and that the were asking everyone along the US-395 repaving project area if they would like their driveways treated with a “dust abatement,” spray to manage dust. They reassured her that the state would reimburse her after the project was over, and that it would “literally cost her nothing to have this service.” The woman paid them $2,000 in cash and they left without leaving any type of receipt. She called WSDOT the following day only to find this “offer” was not true.

“I am very concerned at how this affects our agency and the trust that the community has with us,” shared Charlene Dobell, Office Manager for WSDOT Colville Maintenance.

Be wary of this group and this type of scam. When in doubt, call WSDOT. Colville's office can be reached at (509) 684-7434.