Kevin Thomas Hulten
Staff Writer

UPDATE 9:43 a.m. This is a breaking news story please check back here for continuing coverage.

- Bus and semi collided at Williams Lake Rd and US-395

- Three students, both drivers currently in stable condition

- All injured parties have been reunited with family

- Uninjured students have been examined and transported back to respective schools

COLVILLE - A bus transporting Colville School District students was involved in an injury collision with a semi-truck at Williams Lake Road & US-395 this morning.

Three injured students and both drivers were transported to Mt. Carmel Hospital in Colville, where they are currently reported as stable.

The roadway is fully blocked in both directions.

According to Colville School District Superintendent Pete Lewis, the families of all injured parties have been notified.

The injured students and the bus driver have been reunited with their families at Mt. Carmel.

Lewis, two principals and a school nurse were at Mt. Carmel at the time of this report, greeting concerned parents and colleagues.

Lewis also reports that the uninjured students, initially housed at Hewes Marine Co, have been checked for injuries, cleared and transported back to their respective schools.

The accident occurred around 7:30 a.m. today at the intersection of Williams Lake Road and US-395, which remains closed in both directions.

First responders triaged the scene and removed uninjured students from the bus to the adjacent Hewes Marine Co corporate headquarters.

"Hewes (Marine Co) was just fantastic. They had blankets and warm drinks for our kids and provided a place for the EMTs and the school nurse to examine and clear each student," Lewis said.

No additional information regarding the severity of injuries is available at this time.

At the scene of the accident, the damage appeared to show the aftermath of a head-on collision, with the front of both vehicles impacted.

The school bus windshield was spider-webbed out of its housing and the semi truck's engine housing lay in pieces on the highway. Sawdust and discarded medical gloves lay on the ground near the wreck.

The State Patrol reports that US-395 will remain closed in both directions for the foreseeable future.