Second lethal removal considered for Wedge pack, as livestock depredations mount

Staff Writer

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued a press release indicating director Lisa Susewind is "considering reinitiating lethal remove actions in the Wedge pack", of Northern Stevens County, following a number of additional livestock depredations in the area.

An adult, non-breeding female wolf was lethally removed from the Wedge pack on July 27, since then two additional depredations events have occurred on livestock from two separate producers. Of those investigations, nine livestock were determined to have been injured or killed by wolves. Both producers have had ongoing nonlethal deterrents this summer, and were both previously effected by depredations from the Wedge pack.

Since the first Wedge pack depredation this year on May 11, the WDFW has documented 16 incidents that have resulted in four dead and nineteen injured cattle. Of those 16 incidents, 12 have occurred in the last 30 days.

No time frame was given on whether a lethal removal action will be reinitiated on the Wedge pack.