Selkirk considers a four-day school week

The Selkirk School District is considering going to a four-day school week instead of the standard Monday through Friday schedule.

The public will get a chance to weigh in on the issue Wednesday, Feb. 22, 6:30 p.m., at the Cutter Theatre in Metaline Falls.

Selkirk School District Superintendent Nancy Lotze said no decision has been made on whether to roll back to four days a week. The final decision will depend on the feedback the district gets from parents and concerned citizens, Lotze said.

If the public goes along and the district opts to go in that direction, the four-day school week would be longer—40 minutes added to each of the four days.

Lotze told the Newport Miner that “the district’s focus on economy and efficiency may be slightly different from other districts that consider a four-day school week to save money. Selkirk’s motivation in considering this waiver is on economy and efficiency of time and staff, not necessarily funding.”

In 2009, the Legislature passed House Bill 1292, which allows school districts to seek waivers from the requirement of 180 school days in order to operate four-day school weeks.

The Selkirk School District has 250 full-time equivalent students. That makes the district eligible to submit a waiver.

The district often has difficulty attracting teachers. They hope that by implementing a four-day school week, it will attract not only new teachers, but encourage experienced staff to continue their careers will the state grapples with a teacher shortage.