Senate passes bill to end 'spring forward,' 'fall back' time changes

Roger Harnack

“Spring forward” and “fall back” may become a thing of the past on the West Coast.
On Tuesday, the Washington State Senate voted, 46-2, to make daylight savings permanent under amended House Bill 1196. The House approved the original version, sans amendment, by an 89-7 margin in March.
The amended version of the bill now goes back to the House for one more approval.
The amendment clarified that the change would occur next fall when Washingtonians would just not set their clocks back an hour.
California and Oregon are also pursuing an end to twice-yearly time changes. British Columbia, too, is looking at a time-change law.
Similar legislation was introduced in Idaho, as well, but the measure isn't as far along as the rest of western states wanting to make the change.
With the Legislature scheduled to adjourn April 28, the House would have to hurry to get the measure passed and on the desk of Gov. Jay Inslee for his signature to become law.
Congress would also have to give its blessing.