Social media helps reunite missing dogs with owner

S-E Staff Reporter

Jazmine and Broncos are home safe and sound after getting separated from their owner for nearly 24 days.

Living along the north-face of Iron Mountain with the Colville National Forest as her backyard, Lorrie Crow normally allowed her dogs free rein outside.

She always gave Jazmine and Broncos the option of staying inside for the night or being outdoors.

On the night they went missing, Nov. 11, they went running into the forest. Crow said she thought they were after the cougar that had been circling her property. When they didn’t return right away, she didn’t think anything of it; they had pulled this stunt before.

When Crow came home from work the next day and they still weren’t back, she started to worry.

“I was afraid they had become big kitty food,” said Crow, adding that she was also worried they got shot by a hunter.

Crow searched around her property, talked with neighbors and wrote out a post on Facebook. Her post didn’t gain much attention right away though because it wasn’t being shared.
“I just kept looking for them, that’s all I could do.”

Around Thanksgiving, she drove around the mountain for the last time, sobbing and calling.

“I knew they were dead.”

On Dec. 1, Crow’s co-worker from the Post Office discovered that someone had posted about Jazmine and Broncos on Craigslist, the popular classifieds website.

Crow had never used the website before and enlisted the help of her daughter-in-law to find the post. The post was gone from Craigslist, but they were able to find a Facebook post of the classified listing with the picture of Jazmine and Broncos.

“I was like ‘holy cow, those are my dogs,’ ” Crow said.

Someone had found her dogs, but she had no idea who they were and there was no way to contact them. At the time, Crow wasn’t even sure if her dogs were still with the person who took the picture.

The only clue Crow had was that the person who took the picture of Jazmine and Broncos lived in the Deer Park area, so she posted fliers all around the town.

Crow’s entire family assisted her search by sharing Facebook posts requesting to know who had made the Craigslist post.

Sharon Stumpf got one of Crow’s Facebook posts Dec. 3 and shared it on her timeline.

According to Crow, Stumpf’s social media network for lost animals is huge.

As days continued to go by Crow was getting more desperate.

“I was going to try one more time,” said Crow.

And just by chance, the girl who found Crow’s dogs saw the last Facebook post and contacted Crow.

As it turns out, the young woman and her finance were up at the Colville National Forest around Thanksgiving when Jazmine and Broncos ran up to them.

According to Crow, both dogs were malnourished, dehydrated and Jazmine had lacerations on her nose.

The couple took the dogs home and brought them to see a vet.

“They took them home, kept them and loved them until they could find me,” said Crow. “You just don’t find people like that anymore.”

Broncos and Jazmine were returned to Crow’s side on Dec. 5.

Crow has become a lot more strict with her four-legged children. After getting them back she scheduled to have them chipped, that way if they ever get lost and found again Crow can easily be contacted. She is also keeping them inside at night.

“I thought they were lost to me forever, now they are home safe and sound.”