Sophie's Choice: Missed the eclipse? Just watch some pants

Across the country, the solar eclipse Sunday seemed to kindle an infectious enthusiasm for astronomy. So what does that have to do with pants? Please continue to be patient with me and read on. I know that current fashion trends are slow coming to our corner of the world; it’s not as if Vogue has announced its decision to establish a satellite office in the Ville. Whatever counts as style in the mainstream clothes horse magazines, you can be sure it won’t catch on in Stevens County for another five to ten years, if at all. If you think I am hinting that this is a bad thing, I assure you I am not. While I may occasionally wish that the handsome gentlemen of our fair area would perhaps don some jeans that fit and any hat that doesn’t say Tap Out across the bill (I had no idea we had so many MMA fighters in our midst), I understand that we are a community of doers in a beautiful country setting that begets action and exploring, so the hottest heels or the latest looks are not at the forefront of our collective mind. Especially when the contemporary fashion plates for ladies feature tights that has galaxies and maps printed on them. I kid you not. Now I have gotten a few raised eyebrows in my direction for some of my more colorful attire (I like pink leggings and bright blazers, what can I say?), but do you really need an aurora borealis or the navigational coordinates of Switzerland spread across your butt cheeks? And here I thought pants that have words like “juicy” and “pink” adorning backsides were the final frontier. Oh, me of narrow vision. I guess the upside here is that if you missed the solar eclipse last Sunday, it may now be coming to a rear view near you.