Sowing Seeds for Supper

WSU Stevens County Master Gardeners and the Colville Community Garden will co-host a Sowing Seeds for Supper workshop in March. This workshop will offer seven gardening workshops and one on food preservation Saturday, March 24, 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Sowing Seeds for Supper will be held at the Community Colleges of Spokane-Colville Center. 985 S. Elm in Colville. Registration deadline for this fourth annual event is March 19. Registration fee is $15, plus supply fee. Some hands-on classes have a supply fee. For more information call WSU Stevens County Extension at 684-2588 or visit Keynote speaker Susan Wellhausen will speak on Gardening through the pain. Exercise in the time of Arthritis. She has been a nurse for 26 years and a gardener for almost 40 years. She currently works full time as a Public Health Nurse at Northeast Tri-County Health District. She became a Master Gardener in 2004 after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2003. Wellhausen has had multiple health issues since her diagnosis. She continues to garden by adapting her style to her physical abilities. Following the keynote, each participant will be able to take one class from each session. Session One:Pruning and Maintenance of Fruit Trees-Learn when and how to prune fruit trees. This class will discuss spray options and other maintenance for fruit trees. Instructor Bill Donnelly from Wynne Street Nursery and Manager of Aslin-Finch of Kettle Falls has been assisting gardeners since 1985. Herbs in your Garden and Kitchen-Add some spice to your life by growing garden herbs and using them in cooking. The workshop will talk about raising herbs, using them in the kitchen, and preserving them for use throughout the year. Instructor Adele Noetzelman is a WSU Stevens County Master Gardener. Worm Composting Basics-Learn about Vermi-composting in this hands on workshop. Learn what to compost and how to reduce garbage. Participants are going to be building their own simple starter bins with complete instructions. Supply fee is $10. Instructor Jon Lind is a WSU Stevens County Master Gardener. Pressure Canning-Preserve what is grown by canning. Learn about food safety, equipment, resources, and steps for pressure canning. This class will be canning carrots, so come prepared to work. Instructor Bonnie Stichart has been WSU Food Safety Advisor Volunteer. Session Two: Low Maintenance Trees and Shrubs with Pizazz-Make those borders sparkle with these easy to care for trees and shrubs that thrive in Northeast Washington’s challenging climate. Spice up the garden with all-season colored foliage, fragrance, bloom, vivid fall color, and winter interest. Some of these gems are even resistant to deer. Instructor Dede McAuliffe has been designing sustainable gardens in Stevens County for 15 years. Introduction to Drip Irrigation-In our climate, it’s hard to keep up on hand-watering during the summer. Drip irrigation is a great solution. Learn how to set up an adjustable drip irrigation system for that flower bed, container garden, raised bed, veggie patch, or orchard. Instructor Jim Noelzelman has been growing veggies, fruit, and flowers since childhood. A civil engineer by training, he has applied his design skills and understanding of water systems to built-in lawn sprinklers and garden irrigation. Lasagna Gardening-Learn how to feed the soil. Participants will build a lasagna garden in a bin that can be planted in the spring. Attendees are encouraged to bring a week’s worth of fruit and vegetable waste for the bin. Learn how to apply this concept to the garden. Supply fee is $5. Instructor Susan Wellhausen is a WSU Stevens County Master Gardener. How to make an Earth Box-This is an easy way to container garden and get the most out of your plants. An earth box is a sub-irrigated planter box. It is a self-sufficient garden in a plastic tub that takes water and fertilizer automatically when needed. They are popular with busy gardeners for their ability to keep plants watered regularly and to help vegetables form strong, healthy roots. Participants will build their own small earth box to take home. Supply fee is $5. Instructor Kathy Jones is a WSU Stevens County Master Gardener.