Stage One fire restrictions on Colville National Forest


Stage One fire restrictions on the Colville National Forest (CNF) will be activated Thursday, July 20, at 12:01 a.m. The restrictions will be in place until rescinded, and apply to all CNF areas, roads and trails.

Stage One restrictions:
>No campfires unless in an approved CNF campground. To determine if one is in an approved campground, contact your local forest service office, or call the Colville office at 684-7177. Liquid gas stoves are exempt from restrictions. Specifically, there is to be no building of camp fires, maintaining them or using them, including fires with charcoal grills.
>No smoking outside of vehicles. Smoking is only allowed within an enclosed camp trailer, vehicle or building. The smoking restriction does not apply to approved campgrounds.

As well,
>Motorists need to use caution on CNF roads and trails, avoiding dry grass and vegetation. Dry grasses are easily ignited by vehicles hot exhaust systems.
>It’s best to visit the CNF with a shovel, water and a fire extinguisher.
>Forbidden at all times: fireworks and exploding targets.
>There are no firewood cutting restrictions at this time. Fire managers are reminding firewood cutters about their cutting permits fire precaution terms and conditions.
>To report fires to the Northeast Washington Interagency Community Center call 9-1-1 or 509-685-6900.
>For fire prevention tips, such as making sure your campfire is “dead out,” go to or contact a local CNF office.

“Our residents and visitors certainly understand just how high our fire danger is right now across the state,” says CNF Supervisor Rodney Smolden. “The restrictions are a reminder that we need everyone’s help in preventing a wildfire.”